About Us

Precision Roasted


AKW coffee is perfect for someone looking for high-quality specialty grade coffee that delicious and easy to drink. First, when you receive your box, you will notice the fantastic aroma of the freshly roasted bean. Second, you will be pleased with the bright, vibrant flavor in every cup you drink. AKW is a small batch roastery in central North Carolina. Each batch of coffee is roasted with precision and care to bring out the best flavor from the bean.

After visiting Thailand and Costa Rica, Daniel became enthralled with the global coffee culture. He saw well-cared coffee farms, roasting facilities, and the various ways coffee is brewed and served worldwide. Daniel realized he wanted to be a part of the coffee community. Daniel began roasting as a hobby in the garage. A year later, in 2017, AKW launched, at the time being the only local coffee roaster. AKW coffee has been shipped and enjoyed in Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, and Moldova.