What Is 60 Seconds of Coffee?

Here at Alamance Kaffee Werks we are passionate about coffee. We enjoy the whole process of coffee from the grower harvesting the coffee beans to a ritualistic morning cup of coffee, and everything in between. We also believe that educating people about coffee is just as important as giving them the ability to enjoy their morning coffee. So with that in mind, we decided it was time to start a blog. Our blogs will dive into a variety of coffee topics. We want to share our coffee knowledge with you, but also do not want to overwhelm you with information. Reading a blog post should be fun, exciting, and not take forever! Hence the name 60 Seconds of Coffee. This is a blog post that you can read in 60 seconds filled with useful and interesting coffee knowledge. We will discuss a variety of topics ranging from different coffee regions to roasting coffee, all the way down to the different methods to brew coffee. We hope you’ll enjoy these posts and we can’t wait to share the next one with you!


Daniel and Krystjan