Around the World in 3 Coffee Growing Regions

Here at Alamance Kaffee Werks we love having a coffee selection that encompasses all the coffee regions. Each coffee region produces such unique coffees, that we want our customers to be able to experience them year round.

Now, you might be wondering where are the different coffee regions? And how are they different from each other?

Well, let's start with the basics. Where does coffee grow?

Coffee is grown in between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. This region is also known to the coffee industry as The Bean Belt. Some of the countries that fall into The Bean Belt are Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Java, and Indonesia. (If you’d like a full list here’s a link!)


Now that we know where coffee grows, we can discuss the three different coffee regions and what makes them different from each other. It is exciting to see what the world’s coffee region has to offer us. The three regions are Africa, the Americas, and Asia.


Africa, specifically Ethiopia, is the birthplace of coffee. The legend starts with a goat herder whose goats would not sleep after eating these berries from a plant; he eventually took the berries to an abbot and the abbot used it to stay awake during evening prayers, the abbot eventually shared it with others. They soon realized not only was the berry edible, but so was the bean on the inside, and thus it was born. (Want to know more about the history of coffee visit this website!) Ethiopia was the first country to produce coffee. Ethiopia, along with of other African countries, such as Tanzania, Kenya, and Burundi, are known for their bright, floral, fruity coffee that tends to have a complex acidity that has become very desired in coffee nowadays. We offer two African coffees currently which you can check out in our shop section of our website!


The next coffee region we will talk about is the Americas, which includes Central and South America. The Americas are known for having the largest coffee producer, Brazil. Which provides 25% of the world’s coffee, 80% of which is Arabica. In 2018-2019 they produced 44.5 million 60-kg bags. Though other countries in the Americas do not come close to producing as much coffee as Brazil, coffee from this region is incredibly delicious. Coffees from this region usually has notes of chocolate, nuts, warm spices, and carries a fuller body, with low acidity.


The last region we will dive into is Asia. Coffee from Asia is unlike coffee from other places due to its low acidity, heavy body, and earthy flavor notes. Countries in Asia that produce coffee include Vietnam, Sumatra, and Java. Indonesian coffee, specifically, is famous for the civet, a cat like creature, that digests coffee berries and then processes the beans, that are harvested by the coffee farmers. However if you’re not that adventurous, do not worry not all coffee in Asia is processed like this!

We hope this blog was helpful, and we hope you get to try coffee from all these regions! For a head start check out our coffees here!


Daniel & Krystjan

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