India-Araku Valley Grade AA -12oz


India-Araku Valley Grade AA -12oz


Araku Valley- India

Grade AA

Tasting Notes: Caramel, red fruit, medium body, smooth feel, ends with just a little sweetness. Aroma of molasses and honey. 

Coffee from the Araku Valley is a bean that is newly imported to the US. The area is a very low production area. 5000 metric tons a year or so total depending on the source of data.

The Araku Valley is an area that is a protected by the government and has been given to the ancient tribal people of the region. They have their own unique languages and culture, different than that of other regions of India. These people are able to remain somewhat insulated from emerging India and has preserved much of their way of life. Each tribal member has rights to a small plot of land. Some of them have been setup as jointly owned plantations. Some of them are literally in the middle of wild and protected rainforests.

Most of the coffee from this region grows wild in the rainforest among all sorts of other fruit and spice trees. This is what gives the coffee its normally complex character. Growing, harvesting and processing methods vary person to person and yields per acre are considerably low compared to other coffee growing regions. The benefit of this is the minimal impact that coffee cultivation has on the land. There is no clear cutting of trees and many coffee trees are grown in shade.

The government has been pushing and helping with coffee production for some time. Distribution infrastructure is being developed. There are plans on developing a processing plant in the area and connecting the farmers to the nearby port for them to get their coffees to market with greater ease.

The importers of this bean, Coffee Co-Mission, will be working with them to teach them better harvesting and processing techniques and develop a more uniform product from all of the villagers. This is a grassroots effort to develop systems for the farmers and families to produce and improve the lives of those in the communities. It is anticipated that Araku Valley coffee will ride through the specialty coffee ranks and be on the world stage as a high grade coffee.

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