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Alamance Kaffee Werks was started from the enjoyment of amazing coffee. We value passion and getting it right.

Daniel Krenzer

It was after visiting Corlesto Coffee Roasters in Billings, Montana, that the process of roasting and the integration of art and science became an instant obsession. Roasting as a hobby was exciting. As others became interested, I wanted to expand my reach and spread the enjoyment of newly roasted coffee with as many people as possible. I've been to Costa Rica and Thailand, two totally different coffee experiences, and became enthralled with what these regions are offering the coffee world and how coffee is embedded in the culture. Lately, coffees from Mexico and Africa have become my favorite. When not working with coffee, I work as a school psychologist in public education, primarily working on behalf of students with disabilities. And as such, part of my proceeds go towards non-profit organizations that provide mental health supports for children with Autism and brain injuries. 


Kevin Jordan  

While on a mission trip in 2007 to El Salvador was where the introduction to a truly great cup of coffee was experienced. Since then the search was on to find that excellent cup of coffee again. It was mostly met with disappointment. It has been through the introduction to roasting I have been blessed to experience once again a truly excellent cup of coffee. The taste that comes from freshly roasted coffee beans cannot be matched. My passion is coffee and I want to share that with the world. I travel to Moldova and El Salvador semi-annually to facilitate medical outreach services to those that would otherwise go without.  


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