About US


Kevin Jordan


Kevin discovered his love for coffee after visiting El Salvador and had the most amazing coffee he had ever drank. When he came back to the States he began searching for that taste. In searching for coffee, he stumbled upon Daniel, who was roasting out of his own home for fun, and wanted to learn more about the roasting part of coffee. Daniel showed him the ropes, and thus a partnership was born.


Krystjan Jordan

Roaster/Quality Control

Krystjan has loved coffee for as long as she can remember. She grew up drinking coffee, and working in different coffee shops. She is fascinated with the whole process of coffee from the green bean to the cup of coffee served at your local coffee shop. Krystjan is a SCA certified Sensory Analyst, and loves being able to share her coffee knowledge with everyone she meets.


Daniel Krenzer

Owner/Head Roaster

After visiting Thailand and Costa Rica, Daniel became enthralled with how different coffee was around the world. He, also, got to experience how necessary it was in every culture around the world. After seeing how coffee creates community and a culture, Daniel realized he wanted to be a part of that. He loves exploring coffee from different regions, and being a part of the coffee chain.

Thanks for supporting us! - Kevin and Daniel

Thanks for supporting us! - Kevin and Daniel